Striving? Frustrated? Not happy? No joy?

How do you live up to a standard of righteousness? How do you work or perform to be righteous?

You cannot work for righteousness. You cannot try hard enough to live up to a righteous standard. It is a free gift that you receive in Jesus Christ the day you become born again.

Salvation means that I’ve been made righteous (Romans 1:16-17). Jesus, who was not a sinner, became a sinner so that I could receive His righteousness (Romans 4:25). When He rose from the dead, we received that righteousness.

Righteousness means that I stand before God just as if I never sinned, and that I have a right to the promises and inheritance of God. He made you righteous. You are blessed because He made you righteous and nobody can separate you from that.

Watch this week’s Expression of Grace video with Pieter Swart as he talks about Righteousness by Faith & Righteousness by Works: